Areas of practice

Our law firm specializes in the following branches of law

  • Voluntary and obligatory bankruptcy proceedings (natural person or legal person)

  • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings

  • Bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy assignments of credit

  • Defence against culpability in bankruptcy proceedings

  • Bankruptcy incidents (national or international)

  • Second chance (

  • Incorporation of companies

  • Changes to by-laws

  • Purchase and sale of commercial companies

  • Restructuring of companies

  • Attendance of board meetings

  • Conflicts between partners or shareholders

  • Advice for minority shareholders

  • Secretaries to boards.

  • Challenges to corporate resolutions

  • Agency and/or distribution contracts: negotiation, termination and compensation.


– Wills.
– Declaration of heirs.
– Acceptance and partition of inheritance.

– Lease agreements for homes and business premises:  Formalization, Termination and negotiation during its existence (Rebus sic Stantibus);

– Evictions (for non-payment, termination or unauthorized activity)

– Partition action, delimitation action, property claim action, declaratory action of ownership, use and habitation, usufruct, acquisition of property by usucaption.

– Advice to large property holders; rented social housing issues.

Purchase and sale of property.

– Mortgages: Cancellation or negotiation, claim for costs etc.

Contracts in general

Legal proceedings for damages.

Contractual and extra-contractual claims.


Proceedings on the capacity of individuals

– Legal disability y appointment of a guardian.

– Necessary committal.

Family Law

– Provisional measures, preventive and concurrent

– Separations, divorces and annulments.

– Care and custody, food and measures related to minors.

– Modification of measures.

– Settlement of matrimonial property and tenancy by entirety.

  • Defence of those investigated and accused of crimes.

  • Private prosecution on behalf of victims of crimes.

  • Defence of commercial companies.

  • Computer crime law (hacking).

  • Minors.

  • Penitentiary Law.

  • Corporate criminal law. 

  • Compliance Officer and crime prevention plans. 

  • Experts in Fundamental Rights: Main offences in which we provide advice:

  • Economic criminal law (fraud, seizure of assets, punishable insolvencies, misappropriation, unfair administration, corporate crimes, tax crime and crimes against Social Security, money laundering)

  • Falsification of documents

  • Road safety offences (drink driving, driving without a licence)

  • Domestic violence

  • Crimes against honour (insults and slander)

  • Crimes related to public officials (perverting the course of justice, bribery, misappropriation of public funds, influence peddling)

  • Crimes against life and physical integrity

  • Crimes against natural resources and the environment.

  • Challenge to dismissals of all kinds (objective and disciplinary, violation of fundamental rights)

  • Financial claims (wages, salary or collective agreement disputes, etc.)

  • Recognition of rights (seniority, category, etc.)

  • Processing of Temporary Employment Regulation Schemes (termination, suspension or reduction of working hours)

  • Temporary Employment Regulation Schemes due to bankruptcy

  • Substantial modification to working conditions

  • Request for permanent disability

  • Challenges to medical discharge

  • Contingency changes

  • Retirement, widowhood or orphan benefits.

  • Social Security or State Employment Service (SEPE) claims

  • Proceedings before the Employment Inspectorate

  • Challenges to Notices of Infraction

  • Senior management contracts.

  • Assignment of liability to directors for tax and Social Security debts.

  • Business succession

  • Municipal capital gains claims

  • Tax agency inspections and challenges to notices and fines.

  • Advice on private international law between Spanish and German-speaking clients (Germany, Austria and Switzerland):

    – Commercial and Bankruptcy Law (corporate restructuring and insolvency)
    – Civil and procedural law  

    Contact person: Dr. Joaquim Sarrate, LL.M. (Heidelberg)

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