Our clients can vouch for the experience of a firm that goes back to 1943, when Antonio Peñarroja Esbrí, its founder, started out under the premises of commitment, quality, efficiency and diligence in dealing with the matters entrusted to him.

Achieving and maintaining a privileged position in the legal advice business in a large city such as Barcelona is clearly the result of our good work, of which we are proud.

Do not hesitate to trust us with your problems, because we will “pull out all the stops” to obtain the best results for your interests

“We do not shy away from any legal challenge”


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Talk to us in the way that is most comfortable for you and that best suits your needs (email, video conference, telephone, etc.) and we will be happy to assist you and listen to your concerns



we plan

Once you have explained your legal problem to us, we will try to solve it immediately. But if that is not possible, we will make every effort to find the most appropriate solution to resolve your legal concerns.


we find solutions

The entire BPP team will be there to work on, negotiate and deal with your legal issue, solving it in the most efficient way possible for your interests, always offering the personalized service that we are known for


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